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We’re so excited to welcome you to our new website.

You’re not alone.

Corporate wellness skills are one of the most important skills anyone can exhibit.

But over most of our lives, we are never really instructed on these skills.

And that’s what we are here to help you with.

We offer evidence-based articles, web stories and training course materials on this site that are created to assist you in the development of your corporate wellness skills. And, to improve the corporate wellness skills of your teams and employees.

The site emerged from two traumatic events in my life.

Like a lot of companies, the site came out of adversity, need, and even trauma.

Let me tell you my story.

For many years, my life was very much like a lot of others.

I did OK at school. Worked for a while. Went back to college. Was fortunate to get a degree in Early Childhood Studies. And a Masters in Health Promotion.

Then everything changed.

In fact, two major events happened.

First, my husband suddenly became ill. Needed open-heart surgery. Overnight, became a likely candidate for a heart transplant. And was no longer permitted to work in any capacity.

Overnight I had to completely change my direction in life.

I was taking over the care of my husband. And, I also had to lead our existing training course material business called Oak Innovation.

Neither were expected or planned.

In fact, I never believed I would be leading Oak Innovation.

I always saw that amazing business as his baby.

Plus, I never saw myself as a leader.

In fact, I still see myself as a keen observer of people.

But, I had to bounce back. And quickly.

Then everything changed, again.

I thought I was back on my feet.

But then I was the victim of an awful and traumatic event.

I entered the market to buy a Christmas present. Then without warning or cause on my part, a woman started shouting at me. And started making wild, unfounded and horrible accusations about me.

It was so sudden and public that I was deeply shocked. Frightened. Embarrassed. Upset. Even bewildered.

I hated those feelings.

In fact, it was deeply traumatic. And, sadly scarred me deeply.

I believe most people feel the same way if it happened to them.

I struggled with these emotions and thoughts.

I even asked myself why was I so upset as I had done nothing wrong.

I know some people would say just move on. However, it’s never that simple.

It’s not even logical when you are on the inside, looking out.

But, I tried to make sense of it all. I read tons of books and blogs on corporate wellness. Listened to gurus and inspirational writers. And, practised mindfulness.

Forever trying to make sense.

That was not easy.

But, I soon learned that I was not alone on that difficult journey.

And, I saw the need for accessible advice, tips, strategies, tactics and even training material to help others like me.

Kay Fitzgerald was (re)born.

Catherine Fitzgerald

About Kay

I am a health promotion specialist, course developer and researcher studying corporate wellness in the workplace and trauma. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Studies and a Master’s in Health Promotion from University College Cork. I have additional qualifications in Training and Development from the National University Of Ireland, Galway.